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Blockchain Application Stanford Summit (BASS)

An in-person summit series highlighting the best of Stanford Blockchain's entrepreneurial ecosystem

Watch our 2023 BASS SBC and BASS Devconnect recordings

BASS EthDenver 2024

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  • When: March 1, 2024. Full day of speakers from 930am-530pm, serving lunch at noon, and followed by a happy hour until 830pm.
  • What: Full day of programming bringing the blockchain industry's top thinkers and builders to share their perspectives with Stanford Blockchain community. Refreshments and lunch will be provided, event will be followed by networking happy hour with beverages and appetizers.

​Confirmed speakers include:

  • ​Dan Albert - Executive Director Solana Foundation
  • ​Eli Ben-Sasson - Co-founder/CEO Starkware
  • ​Illia Polosukhin - Co-founder/CEO Near Foundation
  • ​Sandeep Nailwal - Co-founder/CEO Polygon
  • ​Zac Williamson - Co-founder/CEO Aztec
  • ​Benedikt Bunz - Co-founder/Chief Scientist Espresso Systems
  • ​Irene Wu - Head of Growth, LayerZero
  • ​Juan Benet - Founder/CEO Protocol Labs
  • ​Nick White - COO Celestia
  • ​Brian Retford - Co-founder/CEO RiscZero
  • ​Jens Groth - Chief Scientist Nexus
  • ​Ben Fielding - Co-founder Gensyn
  • ​Greg Osuri - Founder Akash Network
  • ​Guy Wuollet - Investor A16z
  • ​Charles Guillemet - CTO Ledger
  • ​Derek Rein - CTO Walletconnect
  • ​Nikil Viswanathan - Co-founder/CEO Alchemy
  • ​David Hoffman - Co-founder Bankless
  • ​Joey Krug - Partner Founders Fund

​Confirmed leading Stanford startups presenting include:

  • ​Nexus (zkVM)
  • ​Modulus Lab (zkML)
  • ​Zero Gravity (Data availability)
  • ​Exabits (Decentralized GPU network)
  • ​0xPass (Programmable private key management) 

​Special thanks to our sponsors - BBF, Polygon, Solana, Shardeum, CEiC, IOBC, Near, LayerZero, Gensyn, CoinTracker, StarkWare, EisnerAmper, QED, Dephy


BASS Lite at DevConnect Istanbul:

Our lite edition of the BASS conference  featured presentations from Flashbots' Tomasz Stanczak, Eigenlayer' Sreeram Kannan, and Succinct Labs' Uma Roy covering the latest developments in MEV, Restaking and the ZK space. Watch the recording here!


The Blockchain Application Stanford Summit (BASS) 2023, held on August 26-27, brought together a diverse and dynamic community of researchers, developers, and thought leaders including the cofounders and chief scientists of Chainlink, Arbitrum, Celestia, ZKSync, Starkware, Succint Labs, Alchemy, Eigenlayer, Celo, Protocol Labs and more. With over 800 attendees, the event was a resounding success; fostering meaningful connection and unveiling exciting technical innovations and products from the industry's most influential organizations.

If you have any questions, please contact Kun Peng at